Create a Supply Chain of the future

Futureproof your business. Eliminate operational bottlenecks and automate your supply chain.
So your people can do what they do best- Innovate!

Futureproof your business. Eliminate operational bottlenecks and automate your supply chain.
So your people can do what they do best- Innovate!

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Automation is everywhere,

except where you need it most

From robots collaborating with humans on factory floors to drones delivering packages and autonomous fleets taking over our logistics, we’ve heard it all. While these innovations are exciting, your day-to-day operational challenges of converting your requisitions to purchase orders and sourcing from the most efficient supplier are still considered complex and done manually. Not anymore.

With Revalgo’s supply chain automation platform, you can now enjoy the luxury of automating the most complex and time-consuming tasks, improving efficiencies by over 50% and increasing profits.

Have your requisitions be sent via emails, texts, internal workflows, chatbots, or your ERP – with or without part numbers. Once identified, our sourcing platform then automatically finds the best suppliers from your list of vendors with real-time prices and availability. All in one place, even if your suppliers currently do not share this data.

Please book a demo with our supply chain experts to see how to optimize your operations and increase your margins.

Automate your procurement

from Requisitioning to Receiving

Revalgo’s proprietary and patented AI platform provides the most comprehensive last-mile procurement automation. It offers real-time decision-making data, including price and availability from all your suppliers, with your negotiated prices even if you belong to a buying group. Powered by AI, Machine Learning and supported by your business rules, you make instant and informed decisions on the best suppliers to support your demands and increase profitability.  This automation relieves the procurement department from administrative tasks of converting requisitions into purchase orders and provides them with all the time in the world to do what they do best, i.e., optimize your supply chain.

Contact us to see how Revalgo’s automation experts can completely automate your “Requisitions to Receipt” procurement cycle.

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Automated Requisitioning
Automated Requisitioning Tool

Forget About Part Numbers & Complex eCatalogs

Revalgo’s automated requisitioning tool gives your requisitioners the incredible option of ordering in plain English. Imagine how much time your factory floor would save if they could order their requests in industry jargon and technical terminology and never need to include specific part numbers from your catalog. If that’s both natural and efficient, let’s make it easy for them to do so.

Revalgo’s automated requisitioning tool monitors emails, voice calls, text messages, internal approval workflows, or chatbots to convert any such request into a purchase order or an RFQ. Conversational Commerce at its finest.

Free your operational and warehouse workforce from browsing through catalogs with thousands of SKUs to find the right part numbers. To see how Revalgo can maximize your production efficiencies, book a demo now.

Automated Sourcing Engine

Turning Conversations into Actionable Data

Converting conversations like emails, texts, voice, and chatbots into requisitions or purchase orders are great, but what if these requisitions are automatically sourced with the best price and availability? Yes, Revalgo’s automated sourcing engine will do that for you. Our automated platform will look within your inventory across multiple locations and  your supplier’s inventory, even if your suppliers currently do not share this data. You will be presented with all possible choices from your preferred suppliers, with your pricing and stock status. 

For requisitioners and buyers, this delivers real-time sourcing automation to help make the best decisions possible. All that’s left is for someone in your sales or procurement team to review, and with one click, the request to source process is complete!

To see how Revalgo’s AI-powered sourcing platform can automate your last mile procurement process and compliment your e-procurement systems, please speak with our supply chain professionals.

Automated Sourcing Engine

Double Your Efficiency
Endless Benefits For Distributors & Manufacturers

Eliminate the need for sales & procurement teams to spend endless hours sifting through supplier’s catalogs and hunting down product numbers. Inventory portals, phone calls, and e-catalogs are out. Revalgo’s automated requisitioning tool allows distributors to spend more time serving customers and less time searching through data.

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Manufacturers now have the power to source smarter and faster. Utilize the predictive power of Revalgo to negotiate better contracts with preferred suppliers. We’ve made it easy on you. Upload your annual spend list to Revalgo’s engine and let the Artificial Intelligence algorithms do the work for you.

To learn how our advanced Artificial Intelligence platform can optimize your Supply Chain, please book a demo now.