Intelligent Process Automation

Embrace Hyper-Automation

Embrace Hyper-Automation

Go Beyond Traditional
Go beyond traditional Process Automation

Think Intelligent Process Automation!

Combine the power of Robotic Process Automation, Digital Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning to provide an unparalleled user experience to your employees and customers. Don’t let the limitations of your legacy systems and the overhead of your antiquated process stop you from automating your most complex processes.

Revalgo’s intelligent process automation platform will free up your most valuable resources- Your People!!!

Let Revalgo’s experienced process engineers unleash the combined power of AI/ML and Digital automation to show you how hyper-automation can automate your most complex processes. Book your demo now!

Improve Efficiencies & Reduce Costs

Reimagine your workflows

Most business process automation merely mimics mundane, routine, and repetitive human tasks using Smart RPA bots. Revalgo’s intelligent process automation platform includes building a neural network of your business using a comprehensive ecosystem analysis. Once mapped, our engineers create unique models that allow complex processes to be broken down into simpler tasks using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. Using these IPAs, you not only automate your most complex tasks but also create predictive and prescriptive analytical data points to prevent potential future bottlenecks, given the dynamic nature of today’s economy.

Don’t let the limitations of traditional BOTS stop you from re-imagining your opportunities that streamline and optimize your operations. Let us show you how we can double your efficiencies with your digital workforce and free your critical resources to improve your margins. Book your demo now!

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The power of hyper automation
The power of Hyper-Automation

Empowering Humans to do what we enjoy most

Hyper-Automation or Intelligent process automation removes the robot from the Human. Sound crazy, right? Yes, by automating the robotic and repetitive tasks, as intelligent as they may appear, IPA actually makes us more human, allowing us to do what we enjoy most, i.e., build relationships, solve complex problems and delight our customers. Wouldn’t you want your employees to feel empowered and scale your business beyond the limitations of a 9-5 workforce? According to Gartner, organizations that have employed IPA are 30% more efficient, and this efficiency will continue to grow as your organization gets more digitized and your customers demand more personalization. Give your customers what they value the most – your employee’s time, and let Revalgo’s IPA platforms automate your business.

Please book a demo with our process engineers to see how you can make your business over 30% efficient.

Revalgo's Intelligent Process Automation

Why are we different?

While most automation projects replace manual tasks using available technologies, we start with the WHY and WHAT? We sincerely believe that stupid should not be automated. Hence we follow the simple rule of prioritizing people over processes and processes over technologies. Revalgo’s IPA framework includes a thorough analysis and validation of current processes, all the workarounds, and the necessity of every step in the workflow. A lean six-sigma approach is applied to validate every process before a future state is approved and acted on.

Using our proprietary and patented automation platform, we combine AI, ML, Computer Vision, and NLP with traditional tools like RPA and OCR to customize every process to your unique needs. This results in converting reactive processes to proactive decisions. This digitization provides insights into inefficiencies that were never seen before and offer predictive and prescriptive analytics to address any future bottlenecks.


Some examples where IA has delivered 4X returns within 6 months

To see how Revalgo’s AI-driven Intelligent Business Automation can automate your most complex processes, please speak with one of our Automation Specialists