Digital Twin To Your Physical Business™

We Automate conversations to delight your customers, and increase revenues with the power of communication

We Scale
your business by digitizing your systems that doubles your workforce with no additional hires

We Enhance
complex workflows using
AI technologies to eliminate bottlenecks

How We Do It

Our Products

Delight your customers by giving them a digital experience without the frustrations of an eCommerce site! Convert your sales and supply chain teams from order takers to order managers. Automate and optimize your operational efficiency by over 60% using our “Conversational Commerce” technology.

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Sales Automation

Transform your sales team and free up your critical resources by automating your most complex sales conversion tasks. Build a digital twin of your physical salesforce and create a revenue-generating opportunity using Revalgo’s “Conversational Commerce” platform. To learn more about making your sales teams over 60% more efficient, please watch the quick video or click “Learn More” below.

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Supply Chain Automation

Automate your search for all stock and non-stock products in one location and make decisions based on real-time price, availability, and promotions. With Revalgo’s “Sourcing Automation”, your sales and procurement teams will never have to guess, log-in to websites, or call multiple suppliers to source your products. To learn more, please watch the quick video or click “Learn More” below.


Digital transformation is less about transforming your business and more about optimizing your operations. It involves engaging all your functional areas to re-imagine your value from your customer’s perspective. Digitizing your internal processes and utilizing your data for insights is the first step in that direction. We understand the confusion and will help you navigate your technology challenges.

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Unshackle from
your ERP’s limitations.

Revalgo’s easy-to-use UI converts your customer’s demands into sales orders with a click of a button!

Our platform monitors your emails, text messages, voice calls, chatbots, and all messaging applications 24/7 to isolate any customer’s requests to place a new order, check for price/availability, or update an existing order. Your customer’s demands are automatically converted into a sales order or quote in your ERP with an appropriate response to your customer.

See all customer requests in their raw form and the conversion by our AI, all on the same page, so you can decide when to automate the process entirely.

AI that you CONTROL

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Learn from normalized/standardized historical data

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Build validated AI models to predict the future

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Rinse and Repeat the process using Machine Learning

Be where your customers
are having conversations

including emails, texts, Messaging apps like WhatsApp, chatbots, voice calls, and the Metaverse

No, your customers do not need to use part numbers or special forms. Plain English conversations excel files, PDFs, and handwritten notes; we consider them all equal. And in the future, when virtual worlds like the metaverse become a reality, unleash your digital sales team in these virtual worlds and open new revenue streams without adding any costs.

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What will a digital twin of your business do for you?

  • Save over 1/2 a day of productivity per person per day
  • 60% increase in upselling and cross selling profitable SKU’s
  • Upgrade your sales team from “Order Takers” to “Order Managers”
  • Automatically source Non-Stock products (best price & availability)


  • Respond to customer quotes and orders in minutes
  • 24/7/365 responses to customer quoting needs
  • Online shopping experience without risking customer experience


  • Create a DIGITAL TWIN of your physical business
  • Provide a truly omni-channel experience to your customers
  • Transform your business without expecting customers to change


  • Increase the quality of quotes and orders by 100%
  • Focus on customer needs and proactive recommendations
  • Tap into new markets with advanced customer acquisition strategies