AI powered Sales Automation

Go beyond RPA Bots and simple Chatbots. Leverage Revalgo’s conversational commerce and allow your employees to focus on what matters most – Keeping Your Customers Happy!

Go beyond RPA Bots and simple Chatbots. Leverage Revalgo’s conversational commerce and allow your employees to focus on what matters most – Keeping Your Customers Happy!

Create your digital twin

Create your Digital Twin

Automated Sales and Order Management

Sales and order management are the most important parts of your organization, and when your team gets tied up with system complexities and administrative tasks, they spend less time dealing with the customers. That Ends Today.

With Revalgo’s AI-powered sales automation platform, your sales team gets their freedom from manually converting customers’ orders into Sales orders in your ERP – regardless of how your customers currently place their orders. This includes complex email threads with non-stock items and No part numbers, emails with attachments (PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Images), handwritten notes, phone calls, text messages, or other communication channels. We automate everything.

The value of Convenience

Conversations increase revenues

While social networks help achieve work-related goals, email remains the undisputed communication leader in an enterprise. A whopping 75% of business is done via email!! And why not? Conversations via email are much easier than browsing through endless catalogs and eCommerce sites. Your customers prefer convenience, and nothing beats the convenience of sending an email with their requirements in plain English or industry jargon – all without identifying part numbers and complex technical information. Your customers can also send a purchase order directly through their ERP systems with PDF, Excel, or document image attachments!

Encourage your customers to engage with you how they feel comfortable and convenient. Let Revalgo provide this comfort and convenience.

The value of convenience
The Power of Conversational Commerce
The Power of Conversational Commerce

Advanced AI and ML Algorithms

While customers emailing you their demands can be seen as a challenge in digital adoption, Revalgo’s conversational commerce platform converts them into an opportunity for digitization. Our AI-powered automation monitors your emails, text messages, phone calls, and chatbots to convert those complex communications into your ERP automatically without human intervention. Even if your customer orders have missing part numbers or no part numbers at all. Invite your customers to choose a channel of communication that’s the easiest for them. Emails with Excel, PDF, Word, Image attachments, or text/WhatsApp messages? Phone calls and Chatbots? No problem. Our platform automates it all. Getting ready for the metaverse? Your digital twin on our platform will be your workforce there too!

To see how Revalgo can convert your sales teams from “Order Takers” to “Order Managers,” book a demo with our automation specialists.

Automated order conversion is just the beginning

Automated Sourcing is where we excel!

You know your customers can not order non-stock products from your website, which is why they prefer emails and phone calls. Have you ever calculated how much time your sales/order management teams spend sourcing non-stock items? Ever calculated the cost of not responding to all the RFQs because it takes time and effort to source the non-stocks?

Revalgo’s sourcing engine automates and optimizes the entire non-stock procurement process. After identifying the correct product, the sourcing platform finds the right vendor with the most profitable pricing and efficient availability to source your non-stock. For suppliers with negotiated pricing, you see your prices. And for commodity products, we present all possible alternatives, so you choose where to order from—no more guessing if your suppliers treat you fairly.

To onboard the industry’s first automated sourcing platform that provides a real-time view of your entire supply chain, please meet with our Supply Chain specialists.

Automated order conversion is just the beginning 1

Simply put, our conversational commerce platform accomplishes the following



Uses your current customers’ ordering process and converts the information into a sales order in your ERP


Group 139

Does not expect your customers to change or give up what is convenient for them


Group 141

Sources the non-stock products from the right vendors


Group 143

Gives your customers a true omni channel experience


Group 145

Converts your sales teams from order takers to order managers


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Provides meaningful analytics and insights into your customer’s behaviors through predictive analytics

To see how your Sales Teams can get up to 60% more efficient,
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