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29 hours in your day!

29 hours in your day!

How creative would you get if you had 5 more hours in your workday? Sounds crazy?
Not with Revalgo's Sales Automation Platform.

Be a superhero
Be a superhero

To your customers

You are not just a salesperson. You are a subject matter expert. You are the reason why your customers do business with your organization. You are why your customers trust your organization and consider your relationship valuable.

Then why is it that such a valuable resource spends most of its day converting customer orders into sales orders in your ERP? Why must you master your ERP’s ins and outs just to process customers’ requests? Why do you spend half your day chasing non-stock items with your suppliers, looking for price and availability?

No More!!

With Revalgo’s sales automation platform, your entire sales team can spend most of their time-solving customer problems and increasing your value in the supply chain. Let Revalgo take care of your order conversion and non-stock sourcing automation. To find out how you can double your salesforce without hiring a single employee, please book a demo.

Do what you enjoy the most!

Increase your values in your supply chain

With Revalgo’s Sales Automation Platform, we promise to increase your value as an SME and give you the power to solve your customer’s problems. Let the systems do the routine and mundane tasks of converting orders while you focus on upselling, cross-selling, and increasing your revenues.

Our platform easily integrates with your existing systems with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. So, no replacement or onboarding of new technologies. No change in your customers’ behavior either. Let them order the way they do, yet fully automate the order conversion. Sound Magical? Read on.

What is the best thing about onboarding Revalgo’s automated solution? You pick the pace, place, people, and level of automation you want to roll out. Want to pilot the platform with one single salesperson and one customer? Absolutely yes. Want to increase the pace gradually? You decide how and when.

We encourage you to try the automation before committing yourself, and to find out how, please speak with one of our automation specialists.

Do what you enjoy the most
The power of communication

Conversational Commerce™

Revalgo’s “Conversational Commerce” technology combines the power of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Machine learning to monitor your current customer conversations via emails, text messages, phone calls, and chatbots, including excel sheets, PDFs, handwritten notes, or images. These conversations are automatically converted into sales orders in your ERP even if the customer orders with NO PART NUMBERS, partial descriptions, missing dimensions, or even missed items.

When your customers provide no part numbers, expect prediction accuracy to scale up as you adopt and teach the AI. But when your customers provide anything resembling a part number, we guarantee an accuracy of over 99%.

To find out how accurately we can predict your order conversion on day one and the timeline to exceed your expectations, please book a demo.

Automated order conversion is just the beginning
Automated Sales conversion is the beginning

Automated sourcing is where we excel

Order conversion is just the beginning! Have you ever calculated how much time and effort you spend sourcing your non-stock SKUs? Even when you get the latest price and availability, the information is already stale if your customer confirms the order later. You end up reconfirming the price and availability again! No more.

With Revalgo’s automated sourcing engine, the price and availability of all your non-stocks are checked and presented automatically, regardless of how your suppliers currently provide that information. See all your suppliers negotiated pricing in one place, including availability and lead times. For commodity items, price shop automatically at various preferred and generic marketplace suppliers, all in one place. You pick where and how to source your direct orders from!

Simply put, our conversational commerce platform accomplishes the following



Uses your current customers’ ordering process and converts them into a sales order in your ERP


Group 139

Does not expect your customers to change, or give up what is convenient for them


Group 141

Sources the non-stock products from the right vendors


Group 143

Gives your customers a true Omni channel experience


Group 145

Converts your sales teams into order managers from order takers


Group 1

Provides meaningful analytics and insights into your customer’s behaviors through predictive analytics

To see how your sales/ordering teams can become 60% more efficient, book a demo now