Data Hygiene

Build a Digital First, Data-Driven Organization

Build a Digital First, Data-Driven Organization

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Data as an Asset on your Balance Sheet!

Yes, we argue that every organization should have “Data Value” as a line item on its balance sheet and income statement. Your data is your most valuable asset, right behind your people, especially in this data-driven economy. Yet, “I have the best data” has said no one, and “Data Quality” is considered a fantasy that does not exist. Garbage In, Garbage Out. We’ve heard it all. It does not have to be this difficult, though.

Let Revalgo’s data experts analyze, classify and guide you on your data management strategy and leverage the true value of your second most critical asset. Please get in touch with us for a free analysis of your data quality.

Stop Data Cleansing - Start Data Hygiene

Building Good Habits

You can only improve what you measure, and you measure what you classify. With Revalgo’s innovative approach toward Data Management using Artificial intelligence and Machine learning, gaining insights out of your current messy data becomes a reality. Garbage In, Insights Out is our Mantra, and we believe that humans have a much larger purpose in life than to clean bad data. Our proprietary tools and graph-network-based platform perform self-cleaning and self-healing routines while implementing data governance to produce tangible insights. We help you make Data Hygiene an organization-wide responsibility and create tangible quantifications to measure improvements at each data generation stage.

To see how you can take advantage of our unique ability to utilize Artificial Intelligence is governing your data, please get in touch with one of our data scientists.

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The product content hype
The Product Content Hype

Unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence


Digitization is excellent. Yes, you have adapted to the changing ecosystem. However, this transformation demands that all your digital assets be pristine, presentable, and profitable. The solution to most “Data Quality” problems is focused on attributed product data assuming that “Enhanced” product data will solve your data problems. Unfortunately, it only makes the situation worse. Traditional data-enhancing solutions typically throw people at these problems and are highly inefficient and unscalable. These are usually one-time exercises considering the cost, effort, and time.

Let’s work collectively to build a digital first-data-driven organization for you. To learn more about how Revalgo can lead you in the right direction, please speak with one of our analysts.

Today, your organization generates content over tens of channels, your data is consumed by your customers 24/7, and you have to make data-driven decisions. Given how fast Information Technologies are being integrated with Operational Technologies, the amount of data generated will only keep increasing. The sooner you automate Data-Quality, the faster you make decisions. Use data as a competitive differentiator and get ahead in your digital transformation.

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Revalgo’s Data Quality approach

Revalgo’s data quality process includes analysis and qualification of all your current data, regardless of where and how it is stored. Our neural network building models unify four distinct data points across your business, i.e., your Customers, Sales & Marketing, Business Rules, and Suppliers.

A combination of these structured and unstructured data provides a holistic view of your past & present, allowing our AI models to fill in any gaps or missing information. De-duplication, normalization, standardization, and re-classification are all done electronically using our Artificial Intelligence tools, minimizing the need for human labor. Your data is then a living, breathing information powerhouse that adapts to changing dynamics using prescriptive analytics. This scalable solution then enhances your digital presence and provides profitable insights into your entire business, including customers, suppliers, employees, and systems.

To see how Revalgo will implement and accelerate your data hygiene, please speak with our data scientists